How to Grow

Lemongrass is a very easy herb to grow yourself.  Really all you need to do to get them growing is to go to the grocery store and get a few fresh stalks.  Lemon grass is sold in any asian specialty market or you can buy Thai Fresh Lemongrass – 8 stalks on Amazon.

Once you’ve chosen the freshest looking stalks, trim off any dead leaves and peel away and dead outer layers.  Then place your lemon grass stalks in a jar with a few inches of water.   Put your jar in a sunny window and roots should start to grow. 

When the roots are at least an inch long, place the lemongrass bulbs into some moist Organic Potting Mix
or Compost
with the crown of the bulb just under the surface.   Place your pot in a sunny location.  The soil should be kept moist (not wet) and soon you will have a full pot of lemon grass.